The PA Loot System

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The PA Loot System

Postby Treesmasha » Sat Sep 14, 2013 1:27 pm

To new applicants: below you will see the Pactus Aquilus Loot Rules. However, before we get to them, understand this - these are our loot rules. They have had some slight modification over the years, but they are basically the same today as they were in the beginning many years ago. They will not be changing. We will not become a DKP guild. We have tested our method and our means of doing loot many times; and though not perfect, it works for us and has been found to be fair. It rewards players who participate more than those who participate less, but it does reward all.

If you are not chosen for a given item, it normally doesn't mean you do not deserve it. Rather, it typically means the other person also deserved it and it was their time to get it. There will be more loot. In fact, the more successful we are as a guild raiding, the more loot there will be to give out.

If your sole concern is about how fast you personally get loot without consideration of others qualifications for the same loot, then perhaps we are not the guild for you. On the other hand, if you are willing to work as part of a successful team, enjoy an awesome game, enjoy real life, and meet new friends, then perhaps Pactus Aquilus is just the guild for you.

Unless you are in a guild that does just /ran, all forms of loot distribution are some form of merit system for participation. This includes voting, loot council, officer awarded, and DKP. This being said, PA uses a loot council system consisting primarily of the officers online at the time.

So, how does it all work? When we have a raid loot to award, the raid leader assigns an officer to take tells from the members on the raid. The members who desire the item are suppose to send, in a tell, their last two LL's to the officer taking the information on that item. What is a LL? LLs are your Last Loot dates. We record these in the Public Notes section of the Guild Management Tool (GMT) for all to see. If you notice an error, please report it to myself or an officer for investigation. When looking at LLs, it is best to do so from the Members Tab and not the Notes tab. Members may ask for more than one item at a time. Members may ask for an item even if they have recently received another item (although it is unlikely they will received 2 items in short succession).

As part of keeping track of participation, the officers may maintain a raid attendance tracking system. This system is private, and is used solely for the purpose of helping the officers maintain accuracy in participation.

Any loot not asked for will be opened to probates and non-primary bots. At that time, the restriction of loot going to full members over probates is void (ie, if you are a main and you want a drop, then ask for it. If you wait until it is opened to probates, you may or may not get it.).

1.) Runes are first offered as a LL item. Any runes not asked for will then be /ran ###. The number to roll (###) will be called out by the raid leader or a designated person. The roll should be made as such: /ran ###, and not /ran 1 ###. We do it this way to prevent accusations of hacking and to keep you on your toes. What happens if you roll the wrong "dice"? If you roll "larger" dice (ie, /ran xxx where xxx > ###, you just lose. If you roll "smaller" dice (ie, /ran xxx where xxx < ###), you do not get to re-roll, but you will win if you have the highest number rolled.

You may not double up on a LL for the same day by asking for a rune (ie, you may win a rune LL and win a /ran rune; or, you may win a rune LL; or, you may win an item LL; or, extremely rarely, you may win 2 item LLs). Another way of saying this is, should you be lucky enough to get 2 items in 1 day, the second item can not be a rune.

1a.) Exception: The guild will award, free of LLs, RK3 spells for the purposes of MGBing the raid to high raid attendance players. This is limited to 1 spell for each MGB needed in most cases.

2.) /ran ### are limited to one roll per person (real life), not toon. Furthermore, you are limited to one rolled win a raid night on "loot" (flags are not loot, long-term quest items are not loot).

3.) Bots.
First, please note that NO ONE bots as well as they play a single toon, BUT, some people bot better than OTHERS play a single toon. Bots are allowed on raids at the discretion of the raid leader.

As a general rule, if there is room on the raid, then bots are permitted. As the raid fills up with mains, bots will tend to be removed from the raid, to a point. There are times when bots are a necessary part of the PA raid team. It is up to the raid leader to to select bots as needed to help assure a victory on the event.

Primary Bots.
Primary bots are those bots who have over time proven to be well played, heavy raiders, and more often than not, necessary classes for the success of the raid. Primary bots are entitled to ask for loot. They are normally given less consideration than a main, but this does NOT mean that mains will always get a loot over the bot. No person has more than one primary bot.

There are times when the raid leader may ask a person to play his primary bot over his main to meet the needs of the raid. When this happens, the bot may put in for a drop for his main instead. There are no assurances he will get the loot, but he may ask. Keep in mind, many events do not allow us to add players during the loot segment, so, this is often a moot point.

How does one make a primary bot? Well, you don't. We do not actively seek out primary bots. We have plenty at present. We would prefer raids full of mains, if possible. But, for a bot to become a primary bot it will need to raid heavily, be played well (there are better combinations to bot with depending on your main's class), and eventually be a need for him.

Non-primary bots are NOT entitled to ask for loot UNLESS it has been opened up to probates. This includes runes.

If a player is asked to bring a non-primary bot to a raid due to the need of that class (eg, a shaman on a curer event), THEN that bot is entitled to ask for loot on that raid. There are no assurances he will get the loot, but he may ask.

Present list of primary bots: Shampole, Skarm, Dorfzer.

4.) Notes: We know that this system does not give the player who raids the absolute most the largest number of loots. However, he who raids the most will get the most opportunity to get a loot. The system works best if players ask for loots on a regular basis and do not stockpile an old LL date. Players are encouraged to ask for worthy upgrades. The above being said, a player who is at the top of the guild in class gear-wise likely can afford to hold off for a choice item. In fact, the absolute best geared members may be required to hold off for a drop simply because nothing is presently dropping that they need or can use.
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