Pactus Aquilus

Pactus Aquilus, the Dark Pact, was formed in May 2000 by myself, Treesmasha Toothpickmaker, and several friends I had found hunting in the dark lands of the south of Antonica. The name is a reference to a pact between the gods Innoruuk, Cazic Thule, and Rallos Zek. Pactus Aquilus was originally formed as an all-evil guild permitting only members of the dark elf, troll, ogre, and iksar races to join.

My original intent was to create a guild that would include persons of all levels (in the beginning we did not get many post-level 20's joining our guild of teenagers) and that we would build upon friendship and trust and eventually do great things. We are approaching our SIXTEENTH YEAR now, and we are still going strong holding to our core philosophies.

During all this time, I have seen many people come and go from Norrath. Sometimes I have cried, sometimes I have cheered, but truth be known, I have always wished each person I have met in Norrath the best even if it was not to be in Pactus Aquilus. Eventually, I saw that EverQuest cannot truly be played in a role-playing fashion, and we became an all race guild. Nor can a guild remain truly an all level guild.

We are now a level 105+ guild that focuses primarily on The Darkened Sea. This being said, we have never removed an existing member for being below these benchmarks.



Treesmasha Toothpickmaker is the guild leader and founder.

If you have an idea, suggestion, gripe, complaint, rant, or praise there are only two real options. First, discuss it with the person directly involved and do it in tells. Second, talk to me. We have sections in the forums for this and I can be reached through private messages there as well, in addition to /tells. There are no other viable options. Sure you can talk to a friend, a guild mate, or an officer, but in the end those are only preliminary steps to the first two options. If you don't talk to me, I can't begin to fix or explain the situation. This is my job, its what you pay me the big bucks for. Please take at least a 24-hour cool down time before posting grievances in the 'Rants and Rages' section of the forums or guild removing yourself in the heat of anger.

Just so you know, I am not perfect. I make mistakes. I have bad days. We may disagree. You may not like my decisions. You may love my decisions. In the end, Pactus Aquilus comes before all other concerns in this matter.


The officers of Pactus Aquilus have been chosen because I have seen something in them that shows a level of commitment and dedication to the guild. I do not limit the number of officers, rather I fill positions as needs arise. Anyone can become an officer, but not all persons are tested in the same way.

Generally speaking, to become an officer you will need to be able to dedicate more time and effort to EverQuest than most, to make sound decisions, to remain calm in the face of frustration, and to be able to look at issues from many sides.

Officers are special people, but they are not above the people. Not everyone is meant to be an officer. There is no shame in not being an officer.

In Pactus Aquilus, the main thing officers do is to advise the guild leader and to tag new members. Only in rare circumstances will an officer remove someone from the guild.

Remember!!! EverQuest doesn't provide a training program to determine who is a good officer or to make an average officer better. Only time, effort, and understanding will help an officer become better.


Class leaders are not officers. They are members, normally selected by their peers, whose role is two fold. First, to serve as a representative of their class with the guild leader and officers. Second, to help guide their class members with wisdom and experience. It's not about being "the boss," it's about teaching and training ourselves to be better.

Remember!!! EverQuest is a team effort. Everyone needs to work together to make Pactus Aquilus successful.


Human beings who come to Norrath to have fun. They come in all shapes and sizes, speak many different languages, have a plethora of values, and no two define fun in the same way. They have good days and they have bad days. They must use a non-emotional form of communication, the typed word, to express all this and more. They range in age from teenagers to heptogenerians, although most are "middle-aged" at this time. They are you. They are your Norrathian family.


Pactus Aquilus raids: MON, WED, and THU at 7:30pm. SAT and the 1st, 3rd, & 5th SUN of the month at 1:00pm. All times used on this site are in Eastern US Time unless otherwise indicated. Exceptions are sometimes made for holidays and the like.

  1. We are a family oriented guild, as such we frown upon the use of rude or offensive language to include but not limited to cursing, derogatory terms, references to body parts, religion outside of game context, sexual discussions, sexual preferences, politics and so forth. This rules is applied more strictly in the broader the context (i.e., swearing in guild chat or in shout or /ooc channels will be reacted to more strongly than what you say in a group channel and the group channel will be treated stronger than a private tell). Norrath is NOT a freedom of speech area. You do NOT have the right to say anything you feel. If ANYONE, guild leader, officer, or member asks you to refrain from your line of discussion, then DO IT. If you think you were entitled to continue take it up with the guild leader in a /tell.
  2. We do not require that you come to every raid, but you will get more out of the guild by participating more.
  3. Loot from guild-sponsored activities will be awarded by the loot council. This council normally consists of the officers online at the time, and sometimes other key members. Loot is awarded based upon many factors to include participation, attendance, helpfulness, and need. It is in the interest of the guild that we all grow in experience and equipment. Persons who play more are likely to get more and to get more faster, but that doesn't mean that those who can rarely play will be forgotten. Cash items from raids will go to the guild bank to pay for such items as coffins, port stones, and peridots for raids.
  4. High-end tradeable items awarded to guild members should not be sold or traded but returned to the guild when you obtain something better. You are not required to pass down things that you acquired on your own, but you are encouraged to think of your fellow members and the building of the team.
  5. Begging, power leveling, and whining are frowned upon. Don't do it in the guild channel. Furthermore, the guild chat channel is designed to communicate between members, please don't use it excessively as the "Ebay" channel or the "ten million" questions channel. There are other places for this.
  6. You are not required to group with your guild mates, but you are highly encouraged to. I mean, what's the point of being in a guild if you don't group with your fellow guild mates?
  7. If you are able to help a guild mate with a port or a rez, you will do so at no cost. This includes his group as well, even if they are not members. At the same time, you are not expected to drop everything you are doing, to leave a camp, to leave your group, or to spend your entire day running errands for guild mates, but you can if you so desire.
  8. You are not required to put all of your characters into Pactus Aquilus. However once you have joined the guild, should you then choose to remove your main character from the guild, you will be required to discuss the matter with Treesmasha to determine if your alternates can remain. Officers may not have mains in another guild. We are a guild, a family, a group of friends. We prefer not to be looked upon as a doormat to "greener" pastures.
  9. As a member of Pactus Aquilus, you are expected to behave in an honorable and courteous manner as you travel Norrath and its surrounding environments. If you make a mistake, fess up to it, and make amends. Lying, cheating, stealing, and looting items that do not belong to you will more than likely lead to your removal from the guild. Remember, your account is yours. You are responsible for the actions of others you permit to use your account.